Nutopia is a country that exists in all of us.

In 1973, John and I created this imaginary world.
We called a press conference and produced a white handkerchief from our pockets
and said “This is a flag to Surrender to Peace.”
Not Fight for Peace, but “Surrender” to Peace was the important bit.

All of us represent Nutopia.

On this day of the birth of Nutopia,
Let’s all wave the white flag or handkerchief in our minds
And say ” I love all of me” and have lots of fun.
Because we deserve it.
Each one of us.

John had said that we were all ambassadors of Nutopia. And so we are.
When you come to our apartment,
you’ll see that there is a gold plaque on the kitchen door, that says Nutopian Embassy.
John put it there.
Strangely enough, now friends just like to come in from that door, and not the front door.
It seems the plaque made the kitchen door our front door.

Ambassadors of Nutopia,
Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace and let people know to IMAGINE PEACE.
Pretty soon, the whole world will realize that we all belong to Nutopia.
Together, we will let the other planets know that that’s what’s happening here on our planet –
That we are all together, and living life in Peace.

Lots of love,

Yoko Ono Lennon
2 April 2008, Nutopia.

First published on imaginepeace.com, 2 April 2008.



We announce the birth of a conceptual country, NUTOPIA.

Citizenship of the country can be obtained by declaration of your awareness of NUTOPIA.

NUTOPIA has no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people.

NUTOPIA has no laws other than cosmic.

All people of NUTOPIA are ambassadors of the country.

As two ambassadors of NUTOPIA, we ask for diplomatic immunity and recognition in the United Nations of our country and its people.

John Ono Lennon
Yoko Ono Lennon

Nutopian Embassy
One White Street
New York, NY 10013
April 1st 1973

Nutopian International Anthem

A silent four second track at the end of Side A of John Lennon’s 1973 album, Mind Games.

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Yoko Ono Lennon
New York Times, 25th Dec 1982

John and I were part of the huge crowd of world youth who grew up believing in the American idealism and its claim for human rights. We lived in societies under lingering Victorian influence while sharing the American Dream in our hearts.

The dream still lives. This is evident in the letters I receive from the world in sharp contrast to the prevailing pessimism here in the States. The world has witnessed American Spirit rising with remarkable resilience when it’s most needed and often when it’s least expected. No doubt it will again. My concern is how. We don’t need another martyr. We have had one too many.

Compare the two last times when the American Spirit has surged to bring justice to and for the nation. One being the Vietnam Peace Movement and the other, the Watergate Incident. No blame intended to any individual and group heroes, there was much painful bloodshed connected with the Peace Movement whereas there was none with Watergate. Heroes involved there were either silent or masked, and the incongruity of it was directly responsible to the unfolding of the case. I observed this as strong evidence of our growing awareness, that emotional radicalism is power play with emphasis on play, and peace nurtures peace as justice seeds justice. Sanity is allowing dichotomy, unity is discovering empathy, and harmony is a celebration of polarity. Our purpose is not to exert power but to express our need for unity despite the seemingly unconquerable differences. We as the human race have a history of losing our emotional equilibrium when we discover different thought patterns in others. Many wars have been fought as a result. It’s about time to recognize that it is all right to be wearing different hats as our heartbeat is always one.

I would like to propose a Nationwide Peace Poll to vote for peace versus nuclear holocaust of any size. The Poll should be clearly independent from Nuclear Disarmament and/ or gun control issues for now, as many of us feel a strong need for nuclear defence while regarding gun control a non-priority cause. Combining either or both of these issued with the Peace Poll would immediately reduce the Poll to a minority venture. The Poll should be authorized and organized by the Congress as a national undertaking for the sake of expedience alone, with the balloting through the media to minimize administrative expense. What the Peace Poll will do is to 1) show us where we stand in terms of individual and collective commitment to World Peace and 2) inspire the rest of the world to follow.

There may come a time, sooner than we imagine, when the world would feel safe to curtail production of nuclear arms. The cost cutback alone would be a direct financial gain to every country. Already some of us are starting to feel suspicious of the old myth that war is more lucrative than peace, especially after observing that the world’s largest weapon merchant, U.S.A, has not been exempt from the world economic crisis.

One could say that because of the times the people of the United States and their government have been given an opportunity to initiate World Peace. To take this initiative is to leave a tremendous legacy to our offspring, a legacy of our true concern for the future race and our planet. How can we ask our children to be caring when we ourselves show indifference to their fate? Smile to the future and it will smile back to us.

I pray that in the end gun control will cease to be an issue, as today’s misuse of guns may be due to the world tension for fear calls fear. A day may come when we will see governments offering to buy private guns for recycling, to, say, make domestic robots. A few guns perhaps would remain in museums next to the Early American spears for example as reminders of days when we used to kill each other to put stop to our lives before our natural deaths. Would they ever understand how much sorrow was caused by this instrument and its ritual I wonder? The true motivations for murdering one’s fellow human is and will be and eternal mystery to us.

In the beginning there was the Word. If the Universe was initially created by a word and its air play of seven days, wouldn’t it be a comparatively modest effort on our part to work together through affirmation and reaffirmation of our unity, to ensure the survival of our already existing planet? If, as we know now, all of us are only using less than 20% of our brains, it is not an exaggeration to say that our awareness knows no boundary, and a miracle is what we make of it.

The Eighties has become the most unusually beautiful, enlightened period in the history of the human race. It is as though the very tension has forced us to wake up from the long embryonic period we held on to. We are witnessing a unique society where all our feelings and thoughts have been brought out t the surface to be shared and re-examined. Not only that we have become closer to each other and wiser, but the wiser have become meeker and the meeker have become wiser thus making us truly one world.

In the summer of ’73 in New York City, John and I invited the press to announce the founding of a conceptual country called NUTOPIA. Anybody could be a citizen of this country. Citizens were automatically the country’s ambassadors. The country’s body was the airfield of our joint thoughts. Its constitution was our love, and its spirit, our dreams. Its flag was the white flag of surrender. A surrender to peace. We wished that one day we would take the flag to the United Nations and place it alongside the other flags as Nutopia was just another concept, as were concepts such as France, United States, and the Soviet Union. It was not a concept founded to threaten any other. At the time, the idea of “surrender” did not go down too well. A radical friend of ours expressed that he, too, disliked the term. “Surrender sounds like defeat,” he said. “Well, don’t you surrender to love, for instance?”, I looked at him. “No, he wouldn’t” I thought. “Are women the only people who know the pride and joy of surrender?” I wondered. “It’s a waste of time to explain to a macho radical, didn’t I tell you?” said John, a man who surrendered to the world, life and finally to Universe. “Anyway, don’t worry, Yoko. One day we’ll put it up there. You and I. I promise.” I still believe we will.

It is time for you to rise. It is you who will raise the flag. I feel that John and I, as a unit, have done our share. The rest of my life belongs to our son, Sean. It is your effort. Your flag. So remember, We Are Family. You and I are unity. In the Joy of Harmony, the World is One to Infinity. Speak out. Speak out of love and you need not fear. We will hear. America The Beautiful.

Surrender to Peace.

I love you.

Yoko Ono Lennon

December 25 ,1982
New York City.


Addendum: December 1982

Just recently, I received a call that a friend, Jamie Lubarr, was shot to death on Christmas Eve. He was walking on the streets of New York to go to a party. Two people came from behind and shot him with no apparent reason.

I’m sorry Jamie. It was too late for you, ad for the approximately 24,000 sisters and brothers who were shot to death this year in U.S.A just with handguns alone (F.B.I Unified Reported Crime Statistics, Washington, D.C from January to October ’82). This means one every thirty minutes. The rising violence is a world phenomenon in varying shades of cruelty. Closing our eyes to it will not make it disappear.

I have not slept well since John died. One beside light is always lit through the night. It is as though I have no right to sleep in the comfort of darkness. I have my moments of joy and laughter. Night is when I face myself, John, and the dreams we dreamt together. There is anger and sorrow. Still, gun for gun is not the way. If we took that route, pretty soon, you would be hearing me say, “Well, thank God, we’re alive. That’s ’cause my son is such a good marksman.” I don’t want to live that way. Forget the moral implication for a moment. How do we sleep? There is always a better marksman somewhere.

So I say it again. Speak out. Speak out of the wisdom of love- through love we have the power to create Heaven on Earth as Love is heaven and heaven is love. The Man said, “Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you.”


Studio One
1 W, 72nd Street
New York City 10023

Addendum: October 2007

This was my statement in the 80’s.
I am amazed and saddened that the situation is incredibly similar now.
But we overcame in the 80’s. We can overcome again now.
We are larger in numbers now.

So, I’ll say it again.
Remember, We Are Family.
Think PEACE, Act PEACE and Spread PEACE.
Together, we will shift the axis of the world to PEACE.

I love you!